What Our Patients Say

  • Dr. Bowser made me and my wife a lot more comfortable after my visit with her concerning my HAE condition. Her caring knowledge on the subject amazed me. I am very happy we found her and I highly recommend this doctor. I feel much more relaxed and educated about my condition now.


  • I think she's a great doctor! Answered all my questions that have been unanswered for 6-7 years. So glad I found Dr Bowser.


  • Dr Bowser is very compassionate and caring physician, takes her time and covers all the bases. She is extremely knowledgeable and communicates well. She always treats you as a person Not a NUMBER!! So happy to have her as my allergy doctor.


  • Dr. Bowser takes the time to review your test results and answer any questions. When we discussed a medication that was not on my formulary, she gave me an OTC option that would help my allergies without costing $75 per bottle. She is a caring, well informed physician.


  • Dr. Bowser is a very caring, knowledgeable, professional. She takes her time answering questions and really takes the time to understand how to treat this rare disease that I am living with.


  • I asked a friend of mine to recommend a local allergist because of my frustration with previous doctors. She recommended Dr. Bowser saying that this doctor is known to notice things that other doctors have missed. That was EXACTLY what happened with us. This was possible due to the fact that Dr. Bowser gave me ample time to describe a wholesome, overall picture of my child's health. I don't find a lot of specialists these days that have patience to listen to anything besides their scope of specialty but I personally believe in the holistic health approach. I like that Dr. Bowser was very attentive to me and my child. She followed up a few times with both me and my pediatrician. Dr. Bowser is an exceptional Doctor with a true sense of dedication to her profession!!


  • Excellent care, professional and friendly demeanor. I am an RN and would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bowser.


  • Spot on - really knows her business. Was very pleased. She did exactly as I had hoped.


  • Dr. Bowser is very thorough and caring. She takes time to fully understand her patient's concerns and clearly explains your options and treatment plan. She is very accessible and responsive. I recommend her without reservation.


  • Dr. Bowser is fantastic! She really took the time to help me understand my test results and treatment options, then printed things out for me to read over at home as well. A rare find in today's world -- highly recommended!


  • I was impressed, especially with her middle of the road approach to medications and her sensibilities toward older folks like me and my medication history. She did everything herself," holistic" in a sense, not the factory system of my previous allergist [at Lankenau-boo for him]. Dr. Bowser's attention to detail? Superb. Caring? even better. that's based on only 1 visit. stay tuned for more review after testing, injecting, etc. Even with the IT suddenly down, she maintained her cool and the intake appointment went smoothly.


  • It was great she is very personable and knows exactly what needs to be addressed and when , she seems very driven and loves what she does ! She was so upbeat and on point that we had time to discuss basketball and Germany ....I recommend to all who need allergy assistance !

    James W,

  • I had been worried about the symptoms I was having. Dr. Bowser did extensive tests and was pleasant and friendly throughout. She got to the bottom of my issues and got me on the right path to treatment! A great experience, all around.

    Liz S,

  • awesome. pure and simple

    Scott K,

  • Dr. Bowser is attentive, thorough and willing to talk through lots of alternatives. She is a great listener and knowledgeable about current trends in her field. She treated my daughter and myself and I highly recommend her.

    Hillary O,

  • Thorough, professional, warm manner and educated me about my issues and the medications I was being prescribed. Left with a plan to manage my asthma and allergies for the near and long term. Very pleased.


  • She is awesome. I drive far just so my son can see her.

    Justin R,

  • Dr. Bowser is very professional and courteous and she was truly concerned about my health issues. I really enjoyed my first patient visit and know I can rely on Dr. Bowser to help me with any allergy issues I might have in the future.

    Barbara K,

  • dr. bowser gave me so much time and thorough consideration... i felt truly supported, and it is much appreciated.


  • Small area in Narberth office forces eye to eye contact and promotes candid and conscise communication.


  • Dr. Bowser is very knowledgable and thorough. She investigated my son's condition very carefully and gave a lot of good suggestions and explained treatment options really well.


  • She is always wonderful. She is very patient and my daughter thinks she is fantastic, as do I.

    Makenzie J,

  • Dr. Bowser was wonderful!! My son has been to other allergists but I have never felt as confident that everything was being taken care of then I felt with Dr. Bowser.

    Holden S, Allergy

  • Dr. Bowser was very professional, attentive and extremely helpful. Overall, the experience was an excellent one and I would highly recommend her!

    Carlos D, Allergy

  • I thought everything went well. The doctor was very thorough and professional. I got a ton of information and felt like all my questions were answered.

    Hillary M, Allergy

  • Dr. Bowser was great! She answered all of my questions and was very helpful with regards to my allergy issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone suffering from allergy issues

    Pearl M., Allergy