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Allergic reactions in Britain to the new Pfizer Covid vaccine

We are following the events surround the FDA EUA of Pfizer CV19 vaccine and are aware of the British report of a potential “allergic” reaction to the vaccine in 2 individuals.  Specific details about these two reactions have not be made public so we cannot properly commentate this time.  Once further details become available we will be able to make informed comments regarding the potential risk for allergic reaction from this vaccine.   

As a general statement, all vaccines have the potential for adverse events. Some reactions are predictable and some are not.  We know that in the US the risk for anaphylaxis from vaccines is estimated to be 1.3 cases per million doses administered.  The risk of death from anaphylaxis to vaccination is extremely rare - there have been 8 reported cases of death from 1990-2016 ( JACI 2019;143: 1465-73).  

If you are in a high risk group and require vaccination, we would suggest the following :  Be sure the vaccinating center is equipped to address a potential allergic reaction, remain at the vaccine center for 30 minute after you are vaccinated and be sure to report any concerns to those providing the vaccine.


Dr. Corina Bowser

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