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Allergy Shots REALLY Help!

For all you allergy sufferers out there who load up on antihistamines until they can hardly stay awake and still suffer with throat itching, sneezing, congestion, wheezing and runny eyes, there is something better out there for allergies. And it is not even a daily medication. It has no long-term side-effects, BUT LONG-TERM POSITIVE EFFECTS.

What I am talking about is allergen immunotherapy. Once an allergist has identified what you are allergic to, they make a customized serum for you containing the allergens causing your problems. Because our body processes this encounter by injection differently than by inhalation, you will start making less allergy antibodies (IgE) and more allergen-protective antibodies (IgG4 – which is also blocking the allergy antibodies). The long-term effect is that our body learns to “deal” with the allergies in a better way – i.e. you won’t have those allergy issues (sneezing, runny nose and eyes and wheezing).

And it is all natural.

In studies with children, a protective effect for future allergen development was even found: Kids with nasal allergies were treated early in life (5 years and older) and did not develop asthma as frequently as the control group.

After a regimen of 5 years year, allergy shots will be discontinued usually, but the immune memory stays for many more years.
Here is a recent article discussing the benefits of allergy shots:” title=”Improving the Lives of Allergy Sufferers with Allergen Immunotherapy” target=”_blank”>Improving the lives of allergy sufferers (Medical News Today)


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