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Can you cure allergies with local honey?

WebMD asked me whether honey could help against allergies caused by pollen. There are some studies from the laboratory that have given people hope that this is a potential non-medicinal treatment approach. But the reality is that you can’t apply those lab findings to patients:

“Bowser says she doesn’t consider the studies on honey and congestion to be adequate, for a few reasons: most allergy sufferers are sensitive to wind-carried pollens like grass and ragweed — the kind not carried by bees and transformed into honey.”

“If you want to treat someone for common allergies, it’s not commonly found in bee honey,” Bowser says.

“Even if there are allergens in the honey, it wouldn’t make a difference, because it gets broken down by stomach acids and doesn’t trigger an immunological response,” Bowser says. In contrast, “The pills we take for allergies are coated so they don’t get broken down,” she says.


Read the whole article here:  Medicinal Uses of Honey (WebMD)


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