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Changes in schedule and procedures due to COVID 19

Dear patients,

We continue to refine our practice model as the area transitions to yellow and then green phase. We are working diligently to keep our patients and staff safe.  As you may have already noticed we have made a few changes to our scheduling and screening - and we appreciate your continued cooperation with these changes.


Just to list a few of the changes we have implemented and will continue for the foreseeable future:


-We will continue to regularly disinfect our office waiting area, door handles, patient rooms and desks.

-We are optimizing the amount of staff present in the office so that we can provide care in the safest possible manner while maintain our quality of care.

-We have reduced in-office patients by utilizing telemedicine as appropriate.  Over the next several weeks insurers have told us that will STOP paying for these services despite the ongoing pandemic. We will continue to make this service available for those who wish to use telemedicine and in whom it is appropriate. We do want to make you aware that you will be responsible for payment if your insurers not longer provide coverage.

-Allergy shots will now be scheduled to ensure social distancing guidelines.

-Every patient and staff member has to wear a mask while in the office. Every staff member gets a temperature check before starting work and has to stay home if feeling sick. There is hand sanitizer for patients and staff available in the office. Staff members wash hands frequently. Staff members are aware of safe practices to engage in during their off-hours as well.

Extra friends or family members will not be permitted in the office with you unless the patient is a minor (coming with one parent/guardian) or the patient needs help (translation/handicap).

-Please inform us before entering our office if you have a fever, dry cough, have been in contact with a COVID19 positive patient within the last 14 days or if you have been diagnosed with COVID19.

-Please also let us know if you have been traveling out of the state or in an airplane in the past 14 days.

-We will never reject seeing a patient in need, but may schedule you for a televisit instead on an in-person visit to protect ourselves as well as our other patients.

-Given the risk that breathing test and nebulizers generate aerosols and that these aerosols could potentially be infectious we will be limiting the use of these tests in the office for the time being.

Dr. Corina Bowser

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