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“I don’t like to take medications…I’d rather take something natural/herbal”

We all know that every medication has a side effect. It’s printed on the paper that comes with the medication. Some of the side effects sound scary and make us not want to take medications.

Unfortunately sometimes it is necessary for us to medicate ourselves somehow. Some conditions – if left untreated (like hypertension, high cholesterol, asthma) – can lead to bad chronic outcomes. So, we need to choose the “lesser evil” i.e. medications and their side effects.

Many patients ask if there is something natural instead – meaning “natural” or “herbal” stuff would not have any side effects. But be careful: Many supplemental products are not regulated by FDA and that could mean that they contain substances which are not tested or have been found to be harmful. Natural does not equal harmless!

Please read the following NY times article for further details:

Skip the Supplements (New York Times)


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