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Restricted shot hours due to COVID-19

Dear patients, during this COVID-19 pandemic in the interest of everybody’s safety, there are changes to our hours:

Havertown: Open for allergy shots and visits (mostly tele-visits) MONDAY 9-7 (Wednesday only by appointment)

Narberth: Open for allergy shots and visits (mostly tele-visits) TUESDAY 9-7 (Thursday only by appointment)

West Chester: MONDAY and WEDNESDAY open for biologics , venom IT (all shots have to be scheduled) and tele-visits (Monday 10-6 and Wednesday 9-6)

Tele-vists only on THURSDAY 9-3, FRIDAY 9-12

Coatesville currently closed

West Grove currently closed


Please call our office to schedule your appoinment.

We will continue to answer all phone calls as usual during our usual office


Sorry for the inconvenience while we are trying to keep exposure to COVID-19 low and practice social distancing.

Dr. Corina Bowser

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