Telehealth options and changes for allergy shots

COVID-19 has turned our lives upside down and outside in - literally. We at Suburban Allergy Consulatants are trying to accommodate your needs for regular asthma and allergy check ups (particularly during this allergy season) by offering telehealth visits. If you feel uncomfortable coming in to the see the doctor, all you need is internet and your computer, tablet or even smart phone. Call us to schedule an appointment by giving us your email and we will send you an invitation for a date and time you can see the doctor (via internet).

Please also call us about any concerns you may have about receiving your allergy shots. We have worked out several creative ways to continue your immunotherapy while keeping you safe.

We believe that continuing great outpatient care for our patients reduces complications and therefore ER or urgent care visits. We need to do our part to reduce overcrowding in hospitals and ERs to reduce viral spread.

Dr. Corina Bowser

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