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When Should I Start My Allergy Meds?

I have been asked by several patients and friends on what the best time is to start allergy meds for springtime allergies. The truth is: it’s difficult to say.

Last year, you should have started at the end of February. But this year…. we are waiting for the next snow fall and I have not seen any trees showing sign of pollination or even anything living and green on them.

If you want to play it safe: now is the time to start. However, with the new meds on the market such as antihistamines in the form of nasal sprays, you may be okay to watch the pollen counts and start once it indicates that tree pollen counts are high.

Oh, and what if you don’t know what you are actually allergic to? Well, I recommend an appointment with and allergist. It’s easier to follow a regimen if you know what your triggers are. You may be able to take less medication if you can limit exposure and if you can target therapy to the months your triggers (pollen) are around. Schedule an appointment with a board-certified allergist in your area – that’s my best suggestion.

Update: so today, I got my first pollen alert for 2013. We have low amount of tree pollen and mold spores reported for this area. So If you are allergy to tree or mold, it’s time to start your meds now!


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