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Nasal Congestion Specialist

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While nasal congestion may be uncomfortable, it’s not usually harmful to your health. However, if you have chronic congestion that interferes with your quality of life, the experienced allergy, asthma, and immunology experts at Suburban Allergy Consultants can help. Don’t let a persistently stuffy nose limit you. Schedule a diagnostic evaluation with Corinna Bowser MD, FAAAAI, FACAAI, or Andrew Murphy MD, FAAAAI, today by calling one of the offices in Narberth, West Chester, West Grove, Coatesville, and Havertown, Pennsylvania. Alternatively, you can request an appointment online.

Nasal Congestion Q & A

What causes nasal congestion?

Nasal congestion can be the result of a cold or a sinus infection, or it may be a side effect of allergic rhinitis. You can also feel congestion when exposed to dry air or environmental irritants, like cigarette smoke.

The tissues and blood vessels in your nasal passages become swollen and filled with fluids, giving you that stuffy nose sensation and making it difficult for you to breathe. Nasal congestion can also affect the way food tastes in your mouth.

While your nasal congestion and other symptoms of a cold may resolve in a few days, chronic congestion requires a diagnostic evaluation at Suburban Allergy Consultants.

How is nasal congestion diagnosed?

The team at Suburban Allergy Consultants offer in-office testing for nasal congestion using the latest diagnostic technology to perform a rhinolaryngoscopy.

A rhinolaryngoscopy involves the insertion of a flexible, fiberoptic scope into your nasal passages. The slender scope has an attached camera that sends back real-time images of the inside of your nose that your doctor watches on a monitor.

This type of diagnostic procedure helps the Suburban Allergy Consultants team determine if you have obstructions in your nasal cavity that contribute to or are mistaken for chronic congestion.

If your provider suspects your persistent congestion is the result of an allergy, Suburban Allergy Consultants offers on-site allergy skin testing to identify triggers for allergy symptoms, including congestion.

How is nasal congestion treated?

Your treatment for nasal congestion depends on the root cause of your condition. If you suffer from allergies, you may need to take over-the-counter or prescription antihistamines or other allergy medications to ease your symptoms. 

Suburban Allergy Consultants also offers immunotherapy, a process where you receive small injections of allergens over several years that reduce your body’s reaction to your triggers.

If your congestion is the result of a sinus infection, your Suburban Allergy Consultants provider can provide antibiotics to clear the infection, if bacterial, and may recommend nasal sprays to moisturize your nasal passages.

To improve your ability to breathe, you can use a vaporizer or humidifier at home and may need to elevate your head when sleeping to allow fluids to drain out of the nasal cavity. Your provider can also recommend other home remedies to keep you comfortable until the congestion clears.

To schedule a diagnostic evaluation for chronic nasal congestion, call Suburban Allergy Consultants today or request an appointment online.